Cocktail Bar

We believe drinking should be a social activity and would love you to come along and join in!


There are two bars in the Perkin Reveller; one hand crafted from an antique church pulpit and topped with beautiful zinc, the other covered in soft leather with a bar top of rich copper.

Both serve a great range of locally brewed beers, carefully chosen wines, fantastic mixers and original cocktails.

carefully chosen wine

Our wine selection reflects the enormous amount of time and effort we have put into sourcing the most exquisite offerings from our favourite wineries.


As well as traditional classic red, rose and white wines, we also offer wines specifically sourced from the Loire and Languedoc regions of France, and further South.

Being a place of celebration, we also offer a range of bubbles and fizz, from simple Proseccos to the finest Champagnes!

spirits of revelry

Our bar includes a wide range of interesting and invigorating spirits, which we serve long, short or in cocktails, to suit your mood.


Whether you fancy a tumbler of scotch, a refreshing gin and tonic, or an original Perkin Reveller cocktail, you can be certain that we’ve found the very best spirits to complement your revelry.

locally brewed beer

Britain has a bountiful array of regional breweries and micro-breweries, each producing its own varieties of delicious beer.  We have researched these breweries extensively and are proud to bring you our very favourite beers from across the county.

At the Perkin Reveller, we campaign for real ale, celebrate the craft beer revolution and encourage our guests to experiment with their choices of beer.