our restaurant

Although it sits on the Wharf outside of the Tower, our restaurant is still proudly part of the Tower of London estate, managed by The Historic Royal Palaces

geoffrey chaucer

Famous for being one of the greatest poets and storytellers of all time, Geoffrey Chaucer was also Clerk of King’s Works between 1389 and 1391. During this time, he oversaw the construction of Tower Wharf, alongside prolific master stonemason Henry Yevele.



the cook’s tale

Of all Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, our favourite is the Cook’s Tale.  Left unfinished for reasons only know to the poet himself, the Cook’s Tale is about an apprentice chef called Perkin Reveller, who loves to eat, drink and dance as often as he possibly can.

“He was as joyful as a goldfinch in the woods…as full of love and the game of love as the hive of sweet honey… At every wedding party he would sing and dance…when there was any procession in Cheapside he would spring from the shop towards it…and he would gather to him a crew of his own sort to dance and sing and make such fun”

We’re so fond of this character that we’ve named our restaurant after him!

hand crafted


As an expression of our love for small producers and local artisans, we’ve had as much of the Perkin Reveller hand crafted as possible; from the beautiful oak chairs and outdoor cushions to the earthenware beer jugs and enormous feasting tables!

historic royal palaces

Historic Royal Palaces – an independent charity that also looks after Hampton Court Palace, Kensington Palace, Kew Palace and Banqueting House.

Historic Royal Palaces’ aim is to help everyone explore how monarchs and people have shaped society, in some of the greatest palaces ever built.

Although the palaces are owned by The Queen on behalf of the nation, Historic Royal Palaces receives no funding from the Government or the Crown.